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USA Whitelabel & Reseller information


Since 2023, SMS marketing in USA and Canada has become restricted, and carriers require a campaign registration because of new CTIA guidelines. As a result, our SMS software is not working anymore in USA & Canada without taking these extra brand/campaign registration steps. We cannot provide our customers anymore with a ready-made solution for Toll Free Numbers, Long Numbers and 10DLC numbers. Extra steps are necessary to make SMS marketing succesful.


As a solution we now allow our customers in USA & Canada register their 10DLC brand & campaigns with the US provider.


If you setup SMS marketing campaigns for your clients/subaccounts you'll need to register a unique 10DLC/Toll Free SMS number for each client.
The providers handle sending limitations per number.

Marketing messages are allowed but it's not allowed to do indirect marketing. Promotions must come directly from the brand, not sent by a third party. Also, lead generation (selling or sharing customer opt-in data with third parties) is not allowed. If you text any of the above from your toll-free number, you can expect to have it shut down. For this reason you'll need to have a unique number per subaccount.

Updated on: 02/06/2023