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SMS Regulations You Must Know to Send SMS in United States or Canada

SMS Regulations You Must Know to Send SMS in United States or Canada

Smstools will send SMS messages to USA/Canada over Toll Free Numbers.
We allow you to purchase your own Toll Free Numbers via our platform.
You are only able to use our platform towards USA & Canada after you purchased your own Toll Free Number and after you have registered your brand/campaign.

What is a Toll Free Number (TFN)?

A Toll Free Number (TFN) is a 10-digit number that is used to send both SMS and voice communications within the US and Canada.
Going forward, registration of new and existing Toll Free Numbers used to send SMS communications is required by telecommunications carriers to prevent spam, fraud, and other types of abuse.

How to register my Toll Free Number?

Smstools will support you with registrating your Toll Free Number(s)
You'll need to provide us all required information and we'll support you to register your campaigns.

Note: All 10DLC campaigns are reviewed manually so it will take seveval days to get an approval.

Read more about 10DLC requirements:
10DLC requirements

10DLC registration costs

- Brand Registration: $5 (one-off fee)
- Campaign Vetting Fee: $20 (one-off fee)
- Campaign Usecase Subscription: from $150 (yearly fee)

If a TFN is registered, can carriers still block SMS communications:

Yes. Messages that contain any of the following content can continued to be blocked even if registered.

High-Risk Financial Services, Payday Loans, Short Term-High Interest Loans, Auto Loans, Mortgage Loans, Student Loans, Debt Collection, Affiliate Lead or Commission Generation, Gambling/Sweepstakes, Tax Relief Programs, Stock Alerts, Cryptocurrency, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Deceptive Work from Home Programs, Risk Investment Opportunities, Multi-Level Marketing 3rd Party, Debt Collection or Consolidation, Debt Reduction, Debt Forgiveness, Credit Repair Programs, Lead Generation, Controlled Substances, Tobacco, Vaping, Illegal Drugs, Cannabis, SHAFT (Sex, Hate Speech, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco), Profanity, Scams, Phishing, Fraud, Spam, Deceptive Marketing

Updated on: 01/12/2023