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Can I have a whitelabel/partner SMS platform in USA?

Yes we do have a whitelabel program but ... in USA there are several SMS restrictions which makes it complex to setup an out of the box whitelabel solution.

In USA there are 3 methods of SMS messaging:

- 5 Digit Shortcodes
- 10DLC Numbers
- Toll Free Numbers

What is NOT possible?

An out-of-the-box solution where you can just sell SMS credits is not possible in US due to country restrictions on text marketing.
In other countries a customer can just purchase SMS from us and sell SMS credits to his clients, but those use cases do not work in US.

- Each of your subaccounts would need it's own number (10DLC or Toll Free) or shortcode keyword (Text "Keyword to "12345")
- Each of your subaccounts would need setttings for opt-in and opt-out.
- Each number would need manual verification to be able to send SMS messages from these numbers.

You can read here more about the verification process:


- You already own your own shortcode with another provider and want to link it with our sms platform.
- You already own your own 10DLC or Toll Free numbers and want to link them with our sms software
- We can work our a custom solution based on your needs.

Read here what's included in the White Label program:


Contact with all your questions about White Label.

Updated on: 07/02/2023