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What are verified Toll-Free Numbers (TFN) - US and Canada

All purchased SMS and MMS enabled Toll-Free numbers should be "verified" to ensure message reliability.

To request verification of a Toll-Free number, please send an email to with the answers of the following questions:

Your email address
Business Name
Business Registered Address - Street Address
Business Registered Address - City
Business Registered Address - State / Province / Region
Business Registered Address - ZIP / Postal Code
Company Website
Business Contact Name (First and Last)
Business Contact Email
Business Contact Phone Number
Estimated Monthly Volume of Messages
Toll-Free Phone Number(s)
List all toll-free phone numbers to be verified using ten digit number format with spaces in-between. For example: 8443659460 8669010242
Use Case Category For example: 2FA, App Notifications, Emargency Alerts, Financial Services,...
Use Case Description
What will you be messaging and who are the recipients? For example, a restaurant collects a mobile number from a guest to receive notification when their table is ready.
Message Content
Provide an example of a message to be sent, up to 160 characters. For example, "Thanks for visiting our restaurant, your table is ready."
Opt-In Consent Description
How does the message recipient explicitly consent to receive text messages? For example, online, mobile website, mobile application, text to join, point of sale or paper form.
Opt-In Consent Details
Provide a link to a URL for the opt-in, or link to an image of the opt-in, or detailed opt-in consent steps. These steps would describe how the recipient explicitly agrees to receive text messages.

You will be contacted by email with a status update indicating the number is temporarily verified and you can route messages.
Expected provisional activation timing is 7+ business days.

You will receive another email status update indicating whether verification is approved, or not approved.
Expected verification timing is about a month now.

If verification is not approved, the number will no longer be able to route messages.

Verification of Toll-Free numbers in the US and Canada is required by the wireless carriers (operators). A business or organization that wants to send and receive SMS and MMS messages over a Toll-Free number needs to have their number "verified".

Verification is a lightweight on-boarding process that allows customers to privately submit their users’ business information and messaging use case in order to be approved to route mobile messages over the nationwide wireless networks.

What Does Verified and Unverified Mean?
A Verified Toll-Free number means that the message content has been reviewed and does not fall under the Disallowed Content Policy. Also, it means the number does not send Spam (unsolicited messages) to users and the message sender’s traffic type is known, documented and the number is only associated with the company submitted on the verification request.

An Unverified Toll-Free number has not successfully completed the verification process. Unverified Toll-Free number messages may be blocked which leads to reliability risk.

**Unverified Toll-Free Numbers**

It is recommended to verify all Toll-Free numbers regardless of messaging traffic volume.
All numbers should be verified for best traffic deliverability, as unverified traffic is subject to a higher level of filtering scrutiny.

Effective October 1 2022, all unverified Toll-Free numbers have been subject to message blocking.
If you currently route messages on an unverified Toll-Free number, you should verify your number to ensure messages are not limited, or blocked.

Canada - Only Verified Toll-Free numbers will be able to route messaging traffic to Canada.
If an unverified Toll-Free number sends a message to terminate on a Canadian carrier, it will be blocked.

US - Unverified Toll-Free numbers may route messaging traffic to the US, but under volume threshold limits.
A SMS text message (one segment up to 160-characters) and a MMS image/clip count as one message.

Updated on: 20/12/2022