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How can I receive text messages?

You can receive messages bij opting for an inbox like a Virtual Mobile number or Shortcode keyword

1. VMN (Virtual Mobile Number)
A VMN is a virtual SMS number which allows you to send and receive SMS messages. This method is suitable to perform two-way SMS communication.

Send and receive messages via the same phone number.
Monthly subscription of the VMN number (billed per quarter or year)
Inbound messages are free of charges

Go to 'Inbox' (1) in the menu on your right side, 'VMN (Virtual Mobile Number)', 'More info' (2)

View available numbers

Choose one of the available virtual numbers by clicking on 'Buy now'

2 Shortcode keyword
This option is not available for every country*

With a shortcode keyword you can receive inbound messages. For example: SMS 'keyword + message' to 1234 (shortcode) which will appear in your inbox.

Only available for inbound messages
Monthly subscription of the shortcode keyword (min. 3 months)
We charge for every delivered SMS message.

Go to 'Inbox' (1) in the menu on your right side, 'Shortcode keyword', 'More info' (2)

Contact Sales and you will be contacted by Smstools.

*shortcode keyword available for the following countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, USA.

Updated on: 21/06/2022